My ‘diary’

I have decided after a long break to start blogging again, for a few reasons.

Even though it’s been over two years since I last seriously blogged, I am regularly surprised by the number of hits I still get every week to my previous blog, and by the number of emails I receive asking when I am going to start blogging again.

But I didn’t want to take up the themes of that blog, which were directed primarily to members of a particular denomination, or even to write in the same style. Two years is a long time, and my ideas on some things have changed or are in a state of flux, while some are coming close to maturity. So I plan to write here about my current musings, the things that are occupying my mind at this point in time. By sharing some thoughts I hope to get some feedback so that with the input of friends and colleagues my understanding of the Biblical texts will develop and mature. I expect that I will later reject some of the ideas I post here, or at least modify them.

I look forward to your input, feedback, criticism and friendship.

2 comments on “My ‘diary’

  1. Regina says:

    Hi Steve. Thanks for the kind invitation to visit and comment on your blog – a really good idea for keeping yourself immersed in what we’re learning. I’m truly look forward to reading/following the progress of your thoughts 🙂

    • Stephen Cook says:

      Regina, I’d really value your perspective because I know you have some great insights into Job. Please also feel free to set me straight when I get carried away with fanciful speculations.

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