2 comments on “Sheol identified

  1. Dave Errington says:

    Hi Steve. I always was taught Sheol was the grave. No-one feared going there as it was permanent oblivion unless resurrected. I always take comfort
    that Jacob (Gen 42:38 he was sorrowful but had no fear of Sheol) intended getting there, waiting for Jesus to call him (and many others) and I pray that is where I will end up.
    Obviously the Jews used Sheol metaphorically (the fish digestive tract in Jonah). I do not think Jonah had a nice desk and a breathing tube within the fish! But God heard him, even there.

  2. Deb Hurn says:

    haha… of course it doesn’t explain how everyone else ended up in Sheol… Korah and Co in Num 16:33 for example 🙂

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