Jewish scrolls discovered in Afghanistan

This is interesting! The Jerusalem Post has reported that the scholarly world is abuzz over the discovery of ancient Jewish scrolls in a cave in Afghanistan’s Samangan province. The article says “If the scrolls are authenticated, they may be the most significant historical finding in the Jewish world since that of the Cairo Geniza in the 19th century”. I expect the JP journalist knows about the Dead Sea Scrolls!

It appears that the scrolls were part of a Synagogue geniza – a burial site for sacred Jewish texts – and date from around 1,000 years ago and are in Arabic, Judeo-Arabic and ancient Persian.The area in which the scrolls were discovered is on the Silk Road, a trade route that connected eastern Asia with the Middle East and Europe, and that Jewish merchants often traveled. The JP article quoted sources as saying the scrolls had first been moved to Pakistan’s Peshawar province, and from there been sold to antiquities dealers in Geneva, London, Dubai and Jerusalem.

Hopefully this is not another fraud. I will watch with interest.

First post for 2012

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and enjoyed a nice break. I spent my time with friends and family and took the opportunity to read, relax, refresh and rejuvenate. My apologies to those people who were expecting replies to comments. I hope to post some more thoughts on Job over the next day or so and then perhaps I’ll move on to explore ‘inspiration’.

My ‘diary’

I have decided after a long break to start blogging again, for a few reasons.

Even though it’s been over two years since I last seriously blogged, I am regularly surprised by the number of hits I still get every week to my previous blog, and by the number of emails I receive asking when I am going to start blogging again.

But I didn’t want to take up the themes of that blog, which were directed primarily to members of a particular denomination, or even to write in the same style. Two years is a long time, and my ideas on some things have changed or are in a state of flux, while some are coming close to maturity. So I plan to write here about my current musings, the things that are occupying my mind at this point in time. By sharing some thoughts I hope to get some feedback so that with the input of friends and colleagues my understanding of the Biblical texts will develop and mature. I expect that I will later reject some of the ideas I post here, or at least modify them.

I look forward to your input, feedback, criticism and friendship.